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7 Day Cosmetics is made from 100% natural ingredients. It contains no parabens, synthetics, mineral oils, sulfates, alcohols, chemical foaming agents, or harmful preservatives.


7 Day VIP Face Cream (Lift, Resculpt, Anti-Age) promotes natural filling of wrinkles and effectively restores the oval of the face. The cream excellently combats changes in the structure of the skin caused by hormonal processes, photo-and chrono-aging.


The active substance VOLUFORM™, which combines amino acids and fatty acids, restores the volume, structure, and density of the skin, smoothens wrinkles by filling them from the inside. NEODERMYL® - a special patented combination of amino acids promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, acts as a natural filler, and naturally smoothens wrinkles. Plant carbohydrate complex PENTAVITIN®, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and lactic acid regulate the moisture level of the skin, restore the protective barrier of the skin, improve its smoothness and softness. Hydrofiltrat Menyanthes G extract improves collagen production, promotes lifting effect, strengthens and tightens the skin. Powerful antioxidants – extracts of green tea leaves, cherries of Barbados, and Asian Centella fight against free radicals, stimulate collagen synthesis, restore skin tone, eliminate dryness.


The rich composition of natural vegetable oils provides the skin with active nutrition. Wheat germ oil, rich in vitamin E, softens and moisturizes the skin, relieves the feeling of dryness, stimulates the vital activity of skin cells. Evening primrose oil brightens the skin and removes age spots. Olive and almond oils strengthen the skin, restore its protective functions and slow down the aging process. Grapefruit oil helps to gain elasticity and smoothness of the skin, brightens and refreshes the skin layers. The facial skin becomes energized and gains youthfulness.


Directions: use mornings and evenings. Apply a small amo