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Lisap TCR Elixir Care shampoo gently cleanses and restores the hair, protecting it against quick color fade. It improves manageability of the hair, restores shine and makes hair softer. Especially suited for chemically treated and damaged hair. Suitable for frequent use.

The formula consists of Certified Argan oil (deeply moisturizes, restores the hair and protects it from the adverse environmental effects); The Elixir Care Complex (Taiti Monoi and Evening Primrose oil) maximizes the shine of the hair, moisturizes the hair and scalp; Ceramides A2 (play a key role in the structural restoration of the hair, provides an increased adhesion of cells, increasing the strength and elasticity of the hair by up to 10 times). Without parabens and SLES/SLS.


Application: Thoroughly apply onto damp hair, massage into the hair and scalp. Thoroughly rinse. Repeat if necessary.


SKU: 100590
PriceFrom €10.20
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