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Keraplant Nature Anti-hair loss treatment promotes hair growth (cell metabolism, oxygenation and microcirculation) and regulates the sebum secretions of the scalp. The formula contains Tricho complex, soy, sulpho-peptides, amino acids (tyrosine, arginine, ornithine, citrulline), amino saccharides and B group vitamins (PP, B5, biotin), zinc salts, Panax Ginseng extract and Burdock extract.

Nature Anti-Hair Loss series – treatment suitable for promoting natural hair growth. Especially for preventing hair loss and improving the three life stages of the hair. It restores natural regrowth, keeping hair healthy and vital. The range is completely free from Parabens and Colorants, with certified natural fragrances, enriched with tricho complex, ginseng extract, essential oils of lavender, rosemary, geranium and thyme, which tone, regenerates and strengthen the scalp.

Formula completely free from PARABENS/COLOURANTS Dermatologically tested.


Application: Apply to dry hair or after using a specific shampoo. Open the vial and insert the dropper applicator. Distribute the contents onto the scalp and massage to help the product penetrate. Do not rinse. Proceed as usual.


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€19.52Sale Price
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