What is your choice today – to exist or to live?

Dear reader, today, I have one straightforward and complicated question for you based on the realities outside your window. Look around, the economy of the countries is struggling for some bright future, ministers are raising their salaries, pandemic restrictions becoming stricter, people are losing jobs, maybe even you are unemployed? What is your present? What is your future? How can you plan something in this kind of situation?

Remember the time when you could afford to yourself to dream about a new house, a brand new car or maybe descent vacation somewhere on the ocean shore in the exotic hot island? Seems like it was yesterday. We are like in a bad dream which never ends, every day is like the previous one or even worse, the quantity of sick people is growing and we cannot influence it anyhow. The only thing that we can do – stay safe.

But how to fulfil that if we don’t have an income? Normal, legal income, with all the taxes, paid. Too many questions, isn’t it? So, is it worth to survive if the government of the county you live in is only requesting – not giving or helping? My answer is YES. Despite everything, there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. There are always options which from the first sight we do not see, or as usual, people are saying “that is not for me”. I am always questioning myself, if it is not for you, then what is? Simple dying or begging for help on the street? What is that something that is for you?

Company Coral Club was established in 1998, its goal has been to make sure that its members have everything they need. This includes not just products which contribute to an active and healthy lifestyle, but the financial means to make that life more enjoyable.

By joining Coral Club you obtain the opportunity to develop your own network and increase your passive income with every new rank that you achieve. It is up to you how to use the opportunity. Only you decide how to plan your life and balance your income and expenses. There are two ways how to do this: you can determine your expenses based on your income. In other words, you approximate how much money you will earn over a given period of time and then you decide what you can afford to buy based on that amount. Another way is to set a goal from the outset. For example, you want to change your wardrobe by May, your car by September, and in December go on an exotic cruise. A pipe-dream? No. It is a plan that you can be manifested in real life. Tenacity, motivation, the knowledge of others and especially your Coral Club mentor can help you to realize your goals.

"We know exactly what we want and we choose the best way to achieve our objectives." The most effective way to manage a business is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). It is a unique way of organizing a company. Coral Club made the decision to cut out the numerous middlemen standing between manufactures and clients, like advertising companies, wholesale and retail outlets. These intermediate links in the chain make the product much more expensive by the time it reaches the end consumer. Coral Club’s distribution networks sell the products directly. Company doesn’t have to pay middlemen but instead give a share of the profit to its independent Distributors. The best kind of advertising is face to face because people are more prone to trust people they know. Do you like our products? Recommend them to people. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Imagine a boat that can take your opportunity from point A to point B in the shortest possible time. Coral Club is the vessel that will take you from where you are to the destination where you have achieved your goals, your wishes have come true and your dreams are a reality.

Direction, speed and smoothness of travel are set by only the best rowers at the oars, which are: