Travel KIT

What would I suggest as the one who had allergies almost for everything, hopefully except air as a “must-have” for travellers? I am insisting on “had”, just because after a closer investigation of Coral Club products and testing them on myself I managed to get rid of almost all allergies I had for my entire life. Of course, that’s something what cannot happen in three, two, one; but still, the result is a result, I see it, I feel it, I am proud of it.

Sooner or later that horror with Covid-19 will be over and we all will start travelling again. So, here is a tiny list of my suggestions for "must have" in your travel bag:

1. “Coral-Mine” can make any water drinkable. Plus, if you’ll manage to get flu or will feel like, it was better to die yesterday, place the whole sachet in warm water, add a couple of H500 and you will feel the difference immediately.

2. H-500 - An antioxidant that supports the immune system and protects the

body against free radicals for proper body functionality. Boosts energy and performance. A powerful antioxidant that increases stamina during any physical exertion, sports or labour. Reduces levels of lactic acid and helps to quickly remove it from the muscles, aiding in their recovery after a workout. Tries to reduce muscle tension, improving their tone and increasing firmness. Increases the energy potential of the body by stimulating the production of cellular energy, while improving productivity during physical and mental work. Keeps healthy cells from oxidizing and restores the body’s natural pH. Thanks to increased levels of energy it provides, it is recommended for those involved in knowledge-based work, heavy industry, professional sports and active leisure participants. Which means, if you are tired as a horse, take 4-6pcs and stay alive. If you have any kind of allergies, this one can save you as well, if you’ve managed to be bitten with any kind of insect – make a tiny compress including H-500, that will take all the swelling out.

3. PentoKan - Boosts energy levels. Promotes effective regulation of intracellular metabolism. Provides many benefits to cardiovascular health.


Potassium is an essential nutrient used to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body. Potassium plays an important role in ensuring good heart health. This mineral is essential for the body to produce energy for physical activity. Potassium deficiency can lead to feelings of fatigue and low energy levels. Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients to include in a healthy diet. This vitamin provides a number of very important health benefits. Vitamin C helps manage stress levels, which is caused by a number of factors from our everyday life. Vitamin C is essential for collagen and elastin synthesis, slowing down skin ageing through its antioxidant action. Ribose is necessary for the synthesis of ATP molecules (adenosine triphosphate), which helps our body to preserve and use the energy for biochemical reactions. Ribose is very important for athletes: it improves workout recovery time and output by boosting muscle energy and minimising fatigue. Energy from the breakdown of ATP drives many reactions in the cell, especially during exercise.

#Lifehack1 – In the morning, before going to the toilet or making any other morning plans in your head, even with your eyes closed, completely dissolve 1 effervescent tablet in 60 ml of water and drink together with 2 tablets of H500 – this combination will give you strong energy punch for the whole day.

4. Silver Gel - The composition of "Silver Gel" is based on colloidal silver that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. The gel base provides high bioavailability of silver to the damaged tissues. By penetrating into the infected cells, silver blocks the respiratory