Stomach symphony

Very common dilemma your stomach, and your job. Who is winning in this strange competition? No one has time to eat normally 5 times per day, even 3 times meal sometimes is difficult to imagine. After that absolutely unneeded race, we have lots of different questions with our stomachs. Why unneeded, because there are no situations in the world of employer and employee when you don’t have time for a normal meal, this is only your imaginary world where you are trying to show that you can do better and you are pretending to be a robot while your boss is enjoying his/her lunch. So, how to help robots to survive?

I suppose I have a solution. Without chemicals, without pharmacies.

Health concept kindly provided by Coral club is the right way to the brighter future without ANY kind of troubles inside your body, not only guts and stomach. But today we shall speak about emergencies in your bag, in case your stomach will refuse to cooperate.

All products are available almost worldwide, delivery conditions till the door are fully explained on the home page

My personal checked beforehand advice to you:

1. Water. Every day you need to drink at least 30ml*your weight (kg) = X litres of water; of course better 40ml*your weight (kg)= X litres of water. 1 sachet with magic powder is making 1,5 - 2.00 litres of exclusively magic water. You will have ready to go product after which, first of all, you will not feel yourself like walking aquarium, plus your organism shall get rid of everything that is not needed there. (Actually, about this water with the right pH, structure, minerals and RedOx I guess that I can speak at least one hour). You can use ANY kind of water, just place 1 sachet inside the bottle and you will feel the difference immediately.

2. To have extra fast energy shot for the day in the morning I would suggest you try 2 things H-500, strong antioxidant and Potassium. Manual from me, in the morning before doing anything (I mean anything, toilet included), drink at least one glass of water with one soluble tablet of Pentokan and 2 tablets of H-500 (when you are travelling or just dying in the office, extra 2 pcs of H-500 will save your butt)

3. Stomach. After each meal 1-2 tablets of Assimilator. I have it in my backpack always, just because it is not only helping to digest "nails and screws from beloved McDonald's", but also, if you have a headache you can open the tablet and place powder which is inside, under your tongue and in 5-10 seconds drink magic water. In maximum, 7 minutes headache will be gone. The same you can make when you have pyrosis or brash, one opened tablet under tongue plus warm concentrated coral water.

4. If the stomach is refusing to cooperate normally until now additional help is Zaferan.

2 tablets in the morning and 1 in the evening. (Promotes liver health and protects the liver in a way that is similar to Silymarin (from Milk Thistle). Help reduce blood cholesterol. Reduces inflammation. Has a strong antioxidant effect comparable to that of the vitamins C and E)

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