Punished with good health

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

If I find something globally useful, I cannot stop myself from NOT sharing that. So, a couple of months ago absolutely accidentally I have found a company (let's say one out of hundreds) which is providing people with a different kind of food supplements/cosmetics. Of course, if to take into consideration my own experience with health and my family's experience in the pharmaceutical business, I was more than suspicious. Eventually, under certain circumstances, I had an opportunity to investigate quite a huge range of products they provide as well as too see the real result.

Guess who was an official rabbit? Yes, me and only me, then children and my mom. I guess that one of the strongest comment/results I have received from the teacher in my daughter's secondary school. Since school began everyone was sleeping in the class while mine was working, then children started to have seasonal flu, mine was still studying, as the teacher said: “punished with good health”.

My mom, the one who was drinking 1 glass of water per week and 6-8 cups of coffee every day, in her 58 has the whole bunch of different diseases, as almost everyone in her age, and that is considered to be something extremely normal in our country. And of course, when I started slowly to propose her to drink water, to change habits a little bit towards natural food supplements, eventually in a couple of months her quality of life started to change. Of course, the guilty party here is me. As usual actually. But nevertheless, we managed to get rid of headaches, high blood pressure and falling unconscious while stretching hands up towards something. I was extremely nervous knowing that mom has 21 years’ experience behind in pharmaceutical business. To convince her that something except things that she knows “personally” are working is almost like teach bunny to smoke. So, the fact that she is calling when something is finished and asking for helping in purchasing more and is interested in the health concept itself, I see as a huge achievement.

Concerning myself, I must admit, that the quantity of tablets (medicaments from the pharmacy) I was taking every day is strongly reduced. And I have a great chance to get rid of all possible and impossible diseases in my body. I suppose, that if doctors are telling you that it will be almost impossible to get pregnant in my age and under certain circumstances, such as disabled ovary for instance. I’ll tell you what, after 1 month with #Hydramax and another with #Detox Plus I am the one who is not losing hope to get pregnant in my 35. I can bet on the fact, the children with the natural products from Coral Club International will have 10 at Apgar score. But, today post about happy granny, who is totally ready for the 3rd grandchild. Our bodies were invented to live for around 120 years, why then an average age is 75-80? Look around you, there is an answer. Environment, food, technologies, pollution etc. We are not receiving all needed vitamins and amino acids, fats from the food, that's why for having a full healthy life we need the help of food supplements.

If you are interested in trying something, do not hesitate to contact me, I will explain how to purchase it will 20% discount.