Let me introduce myself

My name is Tatjana, and I am the one, who is extremely curious about everything that is connected with beauty, medicine and food supplements. 😉

I cannot say that I have had an extremely healthy life, just because in USSR not a lot of families could afford it. As my parents were working at the pharmaceutical warehouse for more than 20 years, as you understand, I was simply pushed to listen to the different stories about different tablets, documents, registration, customs, certificates and other “job including” topics since I was 10 years old. Later on, of course, I was trying to escape that “tablet destiny” as I could but eventually ended up in Nutrition specialist courses based on the products kindly provided by the huge worldwide known corporation Coral Club International. Honestly, in my 35 I have tried an enormous quantity of different food supplements, vitamins and other “miracle-making magic” something. Here, I can proudly say, that if I had a possibility to discover products of Coral Club earlier, my children, my family, I could avoid lots of health question-solving. Definitely, you will ask me why? Simple as it is – that’s the only company in the whole world which provides not only different products for health, eco house cleaning, bio cosmetics; it has first of all bio acceptable water which is almost the same as the liquid of our body and organs cells and the whole health concept.

Water is our life as we know, a person can survive without food a couple of months, without water you can die in 5-7 days. "Coral-Mine" is a natural product from Japan made of deep-sea coral (scleractinians) collected in the Sea of Japan, near the islands of Okinawa and Tokunoshima. "Coral-Mine" normalizes the functions of all bodily organs and systems by regulating mineral balance. A sachet placed in water (any water, I mean it, any) enriches it with beneficial minerals, restores water-salt balance, has a positive effect on the kidneys and digestive system functions, and helps to regulate blood pressure. The components promote the growth of bone and connective tissue with beneficial effects on overall health, and a mild tonic effect. Concerning health concept, I will tell you later on. That’s real magic which can change your life 180° degrees. Today, just wanted to say "hi" to everyone and introduce myself.🦋

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