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Keraplant Nature Skin-Calming Mud, enriched with white clay, α-bisabolol, zanthoxylum alatum and phyto-complex, gently eliminates all impurities from a particularly sensitive scalp and leaves hair healthy and shiny.

Nature Dermo-Calming series – treatment suitable for restoring softness and elasticity to skin tissue. Especially for particularly sensitive skins that are easily reddened and dehydrated. Its special formula, which is extremely delicate, is suitable for after chemical treatments to rebalance the skin and provide a pleasant feeling of wellbeing to the scalp and to the hair. The range is completely free of PARABENS and COLORANTS, with certified natural fragrances and enriched with α–Bisabolol and Zanthoxylum alatum. The formula is completely free from PARABENS/COLORANTS.


Application: Mix 30 g of Keraplant Nature Skin-calming Mud and 15-20 drops of Keraplant Nature Skin-calming Essential Oil. Distribute outwards onto a dry scalp, using a gentle massaging action. Leave to act for 5-10 minutes. With damp fingertips massage to eliminate the mud, gently emulsify with lukewarm water and rinse with care. Proceed to the next stage with Keraplant Nature Skin-calming Shampoo.


SKU: 2200040
23,27 € Parastā cena
21,64 €Izpārdošanas cena
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