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Body massage oil Verana Professional «Orchid & Lotus flower» is specially formulated for different types of body massage and SPA treatments.
Massage oil benefits from a unique component – natural pollen oil extract.
Pollen extract is rich in vitamins crucial for the human body, as well as amino acids and microelements (more than 500 in total), which make pollen healthier for the skin than honey.
Combination of pollen extract and five natural oils has a strong antibacterial effect, it rejuvenates the skin and bolsters its tone, nourishes and moisturises it. The skin remains moisturised, smooth and supple for a long time. The sophisticated scent of Orchid and Lotus flower in harmony within the massage oil promotes skin tone, improves the patient's mood and supports effective combat against depression and stress.

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, Grape-seed oil, Almond oil, Pollen oil extract.
Recommended for regenerating and nourishing massage.
The average consumption of massage oil is - 50 ml per one session of body massage.
One bottle of 1 litre is on average enough for 20 sessions of massage!

One bottle of 250ml is on average enough for 5 sessions of massage!
Storage temperature (+5°C / +25°C). Keep away from direct sunlight and water.
Natural cosmetics! 


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