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Lisap TCR Curly Hair Co-Wash conditioner – this product is a gentler alternative to shampoos and at the same time serves as a conditioner. The formula is based on cationic surfactants (detergent base) of natural origin, which very gently cleanses the hair and practically doesn’t irritate the skin. It conditions the hair, makes hair styling easier and reduces frizz. This conditioner restores the natural moisture levels, leaves hair clean, soft and shiny. The formula is enriched with wheat amino acids, Brazil nuts extract, green tea extract and A2 ceramides. It does not contain sulfates, parabens, silicones and artificial colours. Suitable for daily use.


Application: Apply the necessary amount onto damp hair. Gently massage it into hair and scalp. Thoroughly rinse.


SKU: 800460
10,04 € Įprastinė kaina
9,34 €Pardavimo kaina
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