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Keraplant Nature Sebum-regulating Essential Oil is a natural aromatic complex with a calming and purifying action on oily scalps. Micro-circulation is normalized and optimum conditions for hair growth are created. Made from essential oils of sandalwood, sweet orange, palmarosa, litsea and geranium.

Nature Sebum-Regulating series - treatment suitable for normalizing sebaceous gland function. For skin that suffers from excessive sebaceous secretions. Frees up the skin and hair from imperfections and irritations caused by excessive sebum and by the formation of bacterial flora. The range is completely free from Parabens, Silicones and Colorants, with certified natural fragrances enriched with extract of celery seeds, essential oil of juniper and sebomine, which perform an important antibacterial action. The formula is completely free from PARABENS/COLORANTS.

Application: Mix 30 g of Keraplant Nature Mud and 15-20 drops of Keraplant Nature Sebum-regulating Essential Oil. Apply to the hair and to a dry scalp. Leave to act for 10-15 minutes, with or without a damp heat source. Once processing time is over, gently pour on some lukewarm water, soften the mixture and then rinse. Then wash with the specific Keraplant Nature Shampoo, and continue with the next phase with Keraplant Nature Nutri-Repair Mask. Apply the specific lotion, using a relaxing massaging action. Then dry.


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