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Erotic massage oil Verana «Strawberry» is specifically developed for all types of the sensual and erotic massage, as well as for SPA-procedures of the intimate areas.
Special ingredient contained in the massage oil is natural strawberry oil extract.
Strawberries contain almost all minerals and trace elements necessary for humans, i. e., vitamins A, PP, H, C, B, tannins and biological antibiotic substances.
Erotic oil Strawberry activates blood circulation, enhances sexual activity, quickly restores sexual desire and awakens a sensual mood and atmosphere. During the massage, the oil perfectly softens and moisturises the skin, saturating it with vitamins and minerals, makes the skin more elastic, soft and silky. Massage oil enhances blood flow to the erogenous zones, promotes excitement, helping the brain to produce more hormones of happiness and pleasure.

Composition of the erotic massage oil Verana «Strawberry» includes: Rapeseed oil, Grapeseed oil, Almond oil, Ginger root oil extract, Strawberry oil extract, Ylang-Ylang essential oil, Rose essential oil, Natural Vitamin E.
The use of the product is recommended for all types and techniques of erotic, sexual and sensual massage.
The average consumption of massage oil is 50 ml. per one session of erotic massage.
One bottle of 250 ml. is on average enough for 5 sessions of unforgettable erotic massage!
For external use only.
Storage temperature from +5ºC to +25ºC. Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.
Natural cosmetics! Packaging: 250ml.


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