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Tatjana Mitina

Co-founder/Mentor of CHB


+371 2 6420383


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Riga, Latvia

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A Bit About Me

Welcome to my website! My name is Tatiana Mitina. I am old enough to say proudly that I have X number of years of experience in various areas of the linear business behind me. For quite a long time I was associated with professional cosmetics, and I knew this very rare feeling when in the morning you are happily stomping not to your workplace but to work. This is really a rare thing, to enjoy what you are doing. But, unfortunately, the events of the last year have made their own adjustments. I am sincerely grateful to the universe for the opportunity to prove myself from a different angle.

Today I am building my own business, sharing my experience with everyone who wants to change the vector of their life flight. I am talking about how to gain not only health but also a constant, stable income without millions of investments. And the most important is how to do it with pleasure.

It's not a secret that in the 21st century MLM structures that have chosen the right product, those who do not deceive people, run ahead of the rest of the planet. I am, like, probably, the majority of those who faced MLM once in their lives, was extremely sceptical about my friend's proposal that I urgently needed to take a risk and not look for a new job, but throw all my strength into studying a completely new type of business. Here small note, I have two children and far not one loan obligation, so for me to be out of work is tantamount to suicide. But, as they say, who does not take risks does not drink champagne. And so, here I am, writing this mini-story for you, which will be supplemented by my successes as they come.

Today there are not hundreds of people in my structure, but I am already working with Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Africa, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland. I am endlessly pleased with the moment that I do not pull myself out of bed every morning and do not send myself to do the job, just because I get paid for it, I work with pleasure and receive a decent reward for it. I have no bosses nor employees, I have myself and my structure. The people I work with sharing my interests and worldview. Together, we are comfortably walking through life and building a business together, I teach them, and they teach me. There are no winners or losers, here everyone earns as much as they want to earn or, more correctly, as their consciousness allows them. There is no "salary ceiling" here, there is only a limitation that we are inventing for ourselves.

I like to see the results that people get after using the company's products, I am kindled by gratitude, the success of those who chose the path of building their business with me. Join ME and I will share my knowledge with you!

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