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Foot scrub Verana Professional «Amber» is developed for gentle cleansing of the feet skin and lower legs, before pedicure procedures and SPA foot care procedures.
An absolutely unique component of the foot scrub is the 100% natural amber (in the form of amber powder) purified of all contaminants. 
Amber confirms in its essential content to a living creature as it consists mainly of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen atoms, which are the main substances of humans. More than 40 chemical compounds have been revealed in amber. It also contains one of the vitamins D3 (Succinic Acid), which is a biostimulant.
Oval-shaped sea salt in combination with beeswax and amber, as well as natural oils, which are all included in the content of the foot scrub, gently remove the upper coarsened layer of skin and calluses, making the skin soft and prepared for various subsequent procedures. The foot scrub helps to rejuvenate the feet skin, heals cracks and smooths wrinkles, strengthens the nail plate, nourishes the skin of the feet, making it soft, smooth and elastic.
Ingredients: Sea Salt, Rapeseed Oil, Corn Oil, Beeswax, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil, Natural Purified Amber.
The scrub is recommended to be used for anti-ageing and nourishing of the skin each time before undergoing a pedicure and various feet SPA-procedures. 
The average consumption of foot scrub – 17 grams per one procedure.
One can of scrub 800g. is on average enough for 47 procedures.
Storage (+5ºC/+20ºC) Protect against sunlight and water.
Natural cosmetics!


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